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You have not found a solution to your problem - ask for technical support

If you need technical advice, you cannot find solution for your purchased device, drivers are missing, etc., contact our technical support.
The Technical Support Query form can be found in the Product Support tab of the specific product card.
In case of an older device that we no longer have on sale, use the address:

In the query, please indicate:

  • type of product bought and its PN - for example: card reader, CRI-S3
  • type of computer used - for example: Notebook HP ProBook 450, CPU Intel Core i5-4460, motherboard MSI Z97-G45, 8GB RAM, 240MB SSD ...
  • type of operating system used - for example: Windows 8.1 64-bit

Thank you.



General provisions

The vendor of AXAGON products is required to inform the end user of the warranty conditions and to provide the end user with a warranty under the conditions set forth below.

Warranty period

All AXAGON products have a warranty period of 24 months from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer.

The warranty does not apply to the following cases:

  • Use of products inconsistent with the documentation or with the usual usage principles.
  • Use of products in conditions that do not match with their parameters the usual environment or other parameters specified by the manufacturer.
  • The device was damaged by natural disasters or power failure.
  • Defects caused by unprofessional installation.
  • Incorrect connection to another device.  
  • Unauthorized or improper intervention on the device.
  • Damage to seals.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Undue contamination and wear. 

The customer is required to inspect the delivered goods without undue delay upon receipt.

Complaint procedure

If the buyer (customer) detects a defect in the goods covered by the warranty, he/she proceeds as follows:

  • Warranty complaints can be claimed from the AXAGON product vendor. The customer passes or dispatches defective products at his/her own cost to the place of service. The place of service is usually the supplier's premises. It is advisable to consult the vendor in advance about how to complain and transport the device to the place of service.
  • Each complaint must be accompanied by a detailed description of the defect and the purchase documents upon which the goods were bought from the vendor.
  • Goods must be delivered complete (including antistatic packages, manuals, floppy disks and cables) and, if possible, in the original packaging. The customer is obliged to pack the goods in such a way so as to avoid their damage during transport.
  • If these conditions are not met, the complaint may not be recognized.

Warranty service

The Vendor undertakes to deal with the manufacturing defects in the products without undue delay during the warranty period in accordance with the legal regulations currently in force in the Czech Republic, in particular in accordance with the Commercial and Civil Code.