USB-C <> USB-A 2.0 cable

Data and charging USB-C / USB-A cable 0.5m, 1m a 2m. Black Braided.

Input USB 2.0
Output USB type C-M
PC connection USB type A-M, cable 50 cm, cable 1 m, cable 2 m
design metal casing, Braided
Extra fast charging, shielded, durable design

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A cable designed specifically for fast cell phone charging and reliable data synchronization.
The basis consists of quality 22AWG power conductors, which ensures lower resistance.
Wires made of high-quality tin-plated oxygen-free copper, tinned connector surfaces and gold-plated contacts. As a result, we can guarantee charging up to 3A.
Secure charging with stable, non-oscillating current is ensured by the integrated 56kΩ resistor.
Of course there is a support of fast charging technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0/4.0 + , Huawei Fast Charge Protocol,
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and others with full speed.
Fast and reliable data transfers are ensured by high-quality aluminum foil shielding and tinned copper braid.



Eliminate cable damage caused by excessive bending.
Above standard three-stage protection in the form of flexible nylon sheath, longer reinforced cable glands and metal springs pressed into the grommet.
All of this makes from this cable a holder handle up to 10.000 bends.
Also, aluminum end caps increase the resistance of the cable.
Ladder design around USB-C connector enables seamless connection of devices in a protective case.


Premium USB-C <> USB-A data and charging USB 2.0 cable with USB type C male and USB type A male connectors.
The cable is designed for data synchronization and fast phones, tablets and other mobile devices charging.

High quality 22AWG wires (lower number = larger cross section and lower conductor resistance) from tinned oxygen free copper, connectors with tinned surface and gold plated contacts guarantee fast charging of mobile devices up to 3A.

The integrated 56kΩ resistor in turn ensures safe charging with a stable, non-oscillating current. The cable supports fast charging with technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0/4.0 +, Huawei Fast Charge Protocol, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and others with full speed.

Fast and reliable data transfers are protected by high-quality shielding, aluminum-plated foil and tinned copper braid.

The premium three-stage protection of this cable solves the most common cause of damage to cell phone charging cables. That is the frequent excessive bending of the cable behind the connectors.

The flexible nylon braid in combination with the extended and reinforced cable gland significantly reduces the dangerous bend of the cable. In addition, there is a metal spring pressed into the grommet, which further eliminates the risk of cable damage. The result is a highly mechanically resistant cable with a lifetime of more than 10.000 standard bends.

The aluminum end caps also increase the mechanical resistance of the cable. In addition, the cover around the USB-C connector is tapered to ensure seamless connection of phones in most protective cases.


  • USB 2.0 type C (M) male
  • USB 2.0 type A (M) male

Other Features:

  • DATA SYNC & FAST CHARGING - Simultaneous data transfer and battery charging,
  • USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 compatible, up to 480 Mb/s,
  • fast charging current up to 3A.
  • cable includes power wires 22AWG 51/0.10, data wires 28AWG 7/0.127 - twisted pair,
  • tin-plated oxygen-free copper conductors to reduce oxidation, increase conductivity, and clear signal without distortion,
  • galvanized foil-coated (2x) shielding and 16/4/0.10 braided copper braiding minimizes interference and prevents signal loss,
  • tinned connectors and gold-plated contacts to prevent oxidation and ensure reliable connection,
  • Pull up resistor 56 kΩ,
  • 3.8 mm outer diameter.

Cable Lengths:

  • BUCM-AM05SB 0.5m
  • BUCM-AM10SB 1m
  • BUCM-AM20SB 2m

Package contains:

  • USB-C M <> USB-A M 2.0 cable
  • packed in a sealed blister.
interface USB 2.0
rate 480 / 12 / 1.5 Mbit/s (high / full / low speed)
connector USB type A male
cable 0.5 / 1 / 2 m
connector USB type C male
Supported features
data synchronization yes
fast charging yes (up to 3 A)
Other features
design metal
braid yes
shielding yes (metal coated sheet, braided, earthing cable)
outer diameter 3.8 mm

Package contents

- USB-C M <> USB-A M 2.0 cable

Product package

- blistr stuck between paper cards
- package dimensions 12 x 18 x 1.5 cm (0.5/1 m), 12 x 18 x 2.5 cm (2 m)
- weight of 1 pc package 39/50/73 g (0.5/1/2 m)
- EAN 8595247904133 (BUCM-AM05SB 0.5 m)
- EAN 8595247904140 (BUCM-AM10SB 1 m)
- EAN 8595247904157 (BUCM-AM20SB 2 m)

Export package

- number of pieces in the box: 100 (0.5/1 m), 80 (2 m)
- total weight of the box: 4.65/5.85/6.90kg (0.5/1/2 m) G.W.
- box dimensions: 44 x 28 x 28 cm (0.5/1 m), 53 x 28 x 28 cm (2 m)

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